Organized by Bruce Eckel
August 16-20, 2021
(Formerly The Java Posse Roundup)

  • Attendance limited to 45

  • Please be fully vaccinated before attending.

  • Price: $750

  • When scheduling, remember there are events the afternoon of the 15th and the morning of the 21st.

  • If you’ve previously attended a Crested Butte event and need a break on the fee, make a request. Don’t let the fee be the reason you can’t attend.


Effect-Oriented Programming Workshop: Saturday and Sunday before the conference. Optional and free for conference attendees. Based on the book-in-progress Effect-Oriented Programming: Building Reliable Software with Scala3 and ZIO2. The workshop takes place at Evolve CoWorking and starts at 10am each day.

  • I wanted to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoyed the week I spent in Crested Butte for the WTF conference. Thanks for helping to organize such a wonderful conference and bringing together such a great group of people. It was exciting to see how a group left unto themselves, can self organise and set out on a meaningful course. This spirit of the event really resonated with me and I’m looking forward to continuing this journey thoughout the year. – Will Mooney

  • The WTF took me to places I never imagined I would go; intellectually, emotionally, career-wise, and geographically. The power of this tiny thing is immeasurable. – Andrew Harmel-Law, Tech Principal at ThoughtWorks

  • I’m still stunned by how impactful WTF is … each year I walk away with a sense of knowing what I need to focus on that will help make an impact on my team and our projects. – Matt Brandt, Mozilla

  • The roundup has been the best and most transformative conference of my life, by far. It’s directly responsible for getting me where I am. – Joe Sondow

  • In my experience, the open-spaces forums that Bruce has facilitated have been a great source of new ideas, new friends in the tech world, and a fresh source of inspiration and energy I could apply to my regular work. – Joel Neely

  • Dianne Marsh’s Summary of the 2016 WTF

  • Chris Hartjes on his First WTF Experience.