Morning Activities

During conference days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday), the mornings are unscheduled time. There are numerous options. Although these look like pure recreation, we have some of our most interesting discussions once the structure and constraints are completely removed.


There are numerous hikes available and I often lead some. Here are some basic easy hikes:

  • The Woods Walk, starting at the top (West) end of Maroon Avenue (the street just north of Elk Avenue).
  • Around Lake Irwin: relatively flat, beautiful scenery. Good for a first hike when you’re not sure how the altitude will affect you.
  • The far end of the lower loop, starting at Gunsight Pass Bridge.
  • The top of Mt. Crested Butte, taking the ski lift up from the bottom.
  • Copper Creek, starting just past Gothic.

Other Outdoor Activities

  • Mountain biking. Crested Butte is famous for their trails and they come in all levels.
  • Float down the Gunnison River starting at Garlic Mike’s.
  • Fishing
  • Stand-Up Paddleboarding
  • Cruising around town on a townie bike

Morning Workshops

People often spontaneously decide to create their own workshops to investigate a particular idea or technology. These can be held at one of the rental houses, in my living room (which has a Chromecast-enabled TV), or at Evolve Coworking.

Rest and Recovery

In case you need to get used to the altitude, or to work on your own, or just recover from life.